Pure Teas

Through thoughtful sourcing designed to let ingredients shine, we bring you some of the finest teas on the planet.

Pure Ingredients. No Compromise

We blend premium organic teas and herbs with only 100% real fruits, flowers and spices—and never any “natural” or artificial flavorings.

Truly Natural

Many tea brands use artificial or “natural” flavorings and fragrances to mask poor quality ingredients, creating intense, unnatural flavors. Numi uses only pure ingredients, straight from nature. Real fruits, flowers and spices impart nuanced, complex flavors that can’t be re-created in a lab. No flavorings mean a truly clean, transparent label. What you see on the ingredients list is what you get!

“In nature, flavor never appears without nutrition. No morsel of food should pass your lips before you have asked the following questions: Where did the flavor come from? If it came from a plant or animal you are eating, keep eating. If it was applied by a human with a PhD in chemistry, put it down.”

-Mark Schatzker, Author The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor

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Fuller Leaf Quality for a Smooth Cup

Our fuller leaf teas steep slowly and evenly, delivering a smooth, rich flavor.

Delicately Handled and Plucked
Why do tea grades matter? The larger the leaf, the greater its surface area for steeping and the more complex the infusion. Numi uses only hand-plucked, fuller leaf quality tea that balances depth and nuance. Many bagged teas are machine-picked and use low-quality fannings or dust. Smaller grades release tannins more quickly, leading to a dark, bitter-tasting cup. When you drink our tea, you’ll immediately taste the difference.

*Numi only uses hand-plucked, fuller leaf quality tea in it's tea bags.
Whole Leaf
Used for loose leaf teas; fullest aroma & complexity
Fuller Leaf*
Pure taste that balances depth & nuance
Broken Leaf
Used in most premium tea bags
Fannings or small cut sizes
Used in low-quality tea bags
Dust or sweepings
Used in commercial tea bags
Why Organic Tea?

Organic certification is especially important when it comes to tea. The first time tea leaves come into contact with water is when they steep in our cups.

Leaves go directly into bags after being picked & processed

Tea is not washed prior to consumption

Any residual chemicals from non-organic farming are released into your cup

Organic is Better for Farmers, the Earth, & You

All Numi teas are certified organic, ensuring safety and traceability from farm to cup. Organic standards guarantee no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs, or preservatives make it into your tea. This not only safeguards our earth’s resources, but protects workers from exposure to harmful substances. Organic agriculture promotes ecological harmony through practices that enhance biodiversity, biological cycles, and soil health.

Traceability & Transparency

Pure ingredients start at the farm. The Numi team travels to tea farms around the world to source our ingredients and build partnerships.

Our Sourcing Model

Like any living thing, tea is a product of its environment. Climate, soil, and the care and attention of farmers all influence the quality of tea. That’s why strong farmer relationships—some of them decades long—are the foundation of our sourcing model. Numi sources 130+ organic ingredients from more than 34 countries around the world, and we can trace over 85% back to our farming partners. 

Partnering with Farmers

Our supplier partnerships are grounded in gratitude, collaboration, and mutual respect. We aim to create opportunities for global tea farmers to thrive. Organic certification, Fair Trade Certification, and Fair Labor Verification add an additional layer of support and transparency to our sourcing standards, allowing us to bring you the most trusted, clean and beautifully produced ingredients available.