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Climate Neutral
Plant-based Tea Wrappers
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These old-growth, rare pu∙erh trees are communally owned by the residents of the local villages in the Yunnan Mountains, ensuring a stable source of income for generations. The tea trees are grown in harmony with the indigenous forest, promoting biodiversity and forest conservation. Numi's Fair Labor Verification program in Yunnan has invested in improving maternity benefits and bettering workplace health and safety conditions.

Hand-Plucked, Whole Tea Leaves

Our loose leaf teas steep slowly and evenly, delivering a smooth, rich flavor. Why do grades of tea matter? The larger the leaf, the greater its surface area for steeping and the more complex the infusion. Smaller grades of tea release tannins more quickly, leading to a bitter cup. Numi uses only hand-plucked, whole tea leaves that balance depth and nuance.

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