Fair Trade Certified
B Corporation
Climate Neutral
Plant-based Tea Wrappers


Our Assam black tea comes from Tonganagaon, the largest organic Fair Trade tea estate in India, where Numi's Together for H2OPE project brought clean water and sanitation to over 6,500 farmers and their families. Workers have used Fair Trade Premiums to purchase clean-burning cook stoves and food-safe aluminum containers to bring their lunches to work.

Hand-Plucked, Whole Tea Leaves

Our loose leaf teas steep slowly and evenly, delivering a smooth, rich flavor. Why do grades of tea matter? The larger the leaf, the greater its surface area for steeping and the more complex the infusion. Smaller grades of tea release tannins more quickly, leading to a bitter cup. Numi uses only hand-plucked, whole tea leaves that balance depth and nuance.


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