Gluten-Free Mochi Brownies

These delicious mochi brownies use our Dash of Salt Drinking Chocolate crumbles in place of standard dark chocolate to make a gooey, decadent ganache that’s packed with cacao. Read on for the full recipe.

Numi London Fog Latte

What could be a more delicious way to wake up than with a London Fog Latte made with our best-selling Aged Earl Grey™️, frothy milk, vanilla and a touch of lavender?

Chocolate Bread with Drinking Chocolate Crumbles

For a new twist on a tasty sweet loaf, add any of Numi’s new Drinking Chocolate crumbles to make this chocolate bread. Made with 65% organic dark cocoa crumbles, coconut sugar, and other paleo-friendly ingredients, this sweet...

Chocolate Spice Pumpkin Pie

Right in time for the holidays, spice up your evening with this decadent chocolate treat. It’s easy to make and uses our new Drinking Chocolates with organic 65% cacao dark chocolate crumbles, coconut sugar and...

Roasted Japanese Green Teas – What Are They?

Learn about Numi's Roasted Japanese Green Teas

Hojicha Cappuccino

Indulge in the rich and nutty flavor of a Hojicha cappuccino topped with velvety foam and a sprinkle of allspice. Hojicha Roasted Japanese Green Tea This roasted Japanese green tea has a nutty, smoky &...

5 Tea Tips From a Barista’s Notebook

To brew a perfect cup of tea, follow these basic tips from the barista’s notebook.

5 Teas to Celebrate Spring Equinox

Today is the first day of spring and thus, the day of the vernal equinox, an astronomical event in which the Earth’s equator passes through the Sun’s ‘equator’ making both day and night (pretty much)...

8 Earth-Friendly Habits to Adopt This Spring

Spring: it’s the perfect time to adopt new habits. Everything is coming alive, and there’s a sense of newness and rebirth that inspires us to start fresh with our best intentions. With Earth Day quickly...