Tea-Dyed Easter Eggs

Try this simple method to dye Easter eggs naturally with tea, minimizing food waste and contact with pesky chemical dyes.

Chocolate Bread with Drinking Chocolate Crumbles

For a new twist on a tasty sweet loaf, add any of Numi’s new Drinking Chocolate crumbles to make this chocolate bread. Made with 65% organic dark cocoa crumbles, coconut sugar, and other paleo-friendly ingredients, this sweet...

Going Green in the Kitchen

Many of us spend lots of extra time in the kitchen during the holidays. It’s a great season to consider the environmental impact of our cooking habits, and take a few simple steps to go...

How to Make a Tea Latte

Add some extra flavor to your tea latte. For those looking for a luxurious drink, add a few drops of an extract like peppermint or vanilla, or even cocoa powder. Sweeten naturally with honey, agave,...

7 Ways to Compost, Even Without A Yard

Don’t have curbside composting? No problem! Ethical lifestyle blogger Holly Rose shares her 7 ways you can compost your waste at home.

8 Creative Ways to Reuse Tea Bags

Don’t throw out your used tea bags just yet! Making the most of your already-brewed bags save moneys and encourages less waste. 

DIY Succulent Teacup Garden

I’m one of those people – you know, the ones who can’t pass up a handmade ceramic mug at the craft fair or a quirky tea cup at the thrift shop. Mugs and tea cups come...

DIY Chai Tea-Scented Candle

This DIY teacup candle makes a lovely gift for friends and family, so easy to personalize and enjoyable to create!

DIY White Rose Tea Infused Soap

Soap is amongst the most useful gifts you can give yourself and others, yet most of us just buy it when we need to scrub ourselves down. Learning how to make soap in bulk is...