8 Earth-Friendly Habits to Adopt This Spring

Spring: it’s the perfect time to adopt new habits. Everything is coming alive, and there’s a sense of newness and rebirth that inspires us to start fresh with our best intentions. With Earth Day quickly...

4 Lessons We Can Learn From Honey Bees

So, when I suggest that we can learn something from the bees, I follow in a long line of people enraptured by these industrious insects.

Spring Cleaning – Without Adding to the Landfill

The Spring season is as good a time as any to minimize the excess in our lives, freshen up our living spaces and get things organized; there’s something about that fresh spring air that tends...

To The People Who Make My Tea

Have you ever wondered who makes your tea? To answer this question, blogger Hannah Theisen travels to Assam, India to see inside the country’s largest Fair Trade tea estate where Numi black tea is sourced. This is...

Why I Choose Organic

As a consumer, you might wonder if there’s really a big difference between purchasing organic tea rather than non-organic. After all, non-organic tea is cheaper and more readily available than organic tea. As a former...

The Impact of Your Cup of Numi Tea

Your cup of tea can make a difference in many lives around the world. Through the simple power of people, planet and pure tea.

Going Green in the Kitchen

Many of us spend lots of extra time in the kitchen during the holidays. It’s a great season to consider the environmental impact of our cooking habits, and take a few simple steps to go...

Let’s Talk About Conscious Consumerism

Often, the best way to share your beliefs is to walk the walk — showing (rather than telling) is more impactful. If conversation is needed to avoid compromising your beliefs, these tips will help.  

7 Ways to Compost, Even Without A Yard

Don’t have curbside composting? No problem! Ethical lifestyle blogger Holly Rose shares her 7 ways you can compost your waste at home.