Slurp Like Everyone Is Watching

Slurp Like Everyone Is Watching

The backstory behind our new brand campaign

Earlier this year, Numi did something we’ve never done in our 22 years of existence: we hired an advertising agency. With the exception of my husband, an amazing designer and marketer who thought up the Together for H2OPE campaign, and a few longtime partners who help us with design, digital marketing, and PR, it’s mostly our scrappy in-house team.

But 2021 brought renewal and change, and we thought, why not take a risk?  When the team at Guru, the incredible marketing agency we hired, brought forward the idea to “Slurp On Purpose” we thought it was brilliant—and a little risky.

So, why do we want you to “Slurp Like Everyone is Watching”? You may think it’s silly, embarrassing, or uncouth. After all, we were always told not to slurp because it’s bad manners, rude or un-ladylike.

In some cultures, slurping is viewed more positively. In China and Japan, slurping noodle soup is encouraged as an expression of appreciation and enjoyment. Slurping not only cools down the noodles from the hot broth, it aerates the noodles and enhances their flavor. At the same instant, inhaling through your nose activates your sense of smell which further enriches the tasting experience. Plus, if you wait until the broth cools down, the noodles will be too soggy to fully appreciate.

Tea is the same. Most tea masters slurp their tea to mix in more oxygen in the mouth to enhance the aroma. Slurping a small amount at a time also cools down the tea and brings out more subtleties and layers of flavor.

slurp 2

Yet, we have another reason why we want you to “Slurp Like Everyone is Watching.” What happens when we are alone? We let our hair down; are fully ourselves. When no one is watching, we are whole heartedly honest with ourselves and not scared of what others might think. I think accepting ourselves, no matter our flaws, puts us right here in the present moment.

Which brings me to slurping… when we make our tea and take that first full-hearted slurp, we feel full, strong, and present. A state of pure enjoyment, fully in the moment. Then the sigh and release put us ready for the next moment… intent and purposeful.

Numi is a company, I can say, that is full of purpose. From the moment we started, pure intention led the way. And I believe it was a secret to our success. With every step and slurp we take… finding Fair Trade partners, switching to plant-based wrappers to reduce our carbon footprint, working with local engineers to dig wells or NGOs to train on water sanitation at the gardens… all these decisions are debated and discussed, and then done On Purpose. We are not perfect by any means, and make plenty of mistakes, but we try to be conscious and purposeful. We try to stay true to ourselves. And that honesty—that purity of intention—comes back tenfold.

So, what does it mean to be you? Empowered. Whole-heartedly honest. Fully yourself. For all of us whose voices have been squashed at times. For those whose inner light just needs to be turned on just a little bit more, so it can be seen and felt and heard. For all the times you tell yourself: this is what I could say, or here’s what I want to do. Ask yourself—actually, don’t even ask yourself, just open the door and do it. No regrets.

Find you. Know it. Trust it. Be it. It’s always been there. Do it without doubt and without second guessing. As for Numi, we’ll be right here by your side to support you along your journey. The world needs you. So why keep your slurp to yourself. Why not share your authenticity with us and slurp like everyone is watching?

Reem Hassani

Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer, Numi Organic Tea

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