Numi London Fog Latte

Numi London Fog Latte

What could be a more delicious way to wake up than with a London Fog Latte made with our best-selling Aged Earl Grey™️, frothy milk, vanilla and a touch of lavender?

iced london fog latte with numi aged earl grey

The BEST Earl Grey

We age organic Assam with real  bergamot—an aromatic Italian orange—for several weeks to make this bright, balanced black tea. After the tea is scented, the orange is sifted out. Each sip brings a robust flavor with subtle citrus notes. Unlike most Earl Grey teas on the market, Numi’s Aged Earl Grey™️ is not sprayed with “natural” or artificial flavorings. This is tea the way nature intended.

Recipe type: Beverage
Serves: 1 latte
  • 1 bag Numi Aged Earl Grey™️ tea
  • 1 part milk of your choice (we like almond or oat)
  • ½ tsp organic culinary lavender flowers
  • ¼ tsp organic vanilla extract
  • *Add honey, agave syrup, maple syrup, or rice syrup to taste
  1. MAKE TEA. Boil water and steep the Aged Earl Grey™️ for 5 minutes in half a cup of water.
  2. STEAM THE MILK. While you’re boiling the water, heat up a saucepan of rice / almond / or coconut milk, whisking (or if you have a milk frother, frothing) it until it is warm. Make sure you don’t let the milk boil!
  3. ADD LAVENDER. If you have a mesh tea ball, add ½ teaspoon of culinary lavender to the tea as it warms, if you don’t have a mesh tea ball, just let it float in the milk and strain it out after.
  4. ADD VANILLA. Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the milk.
  5. ENJOY. Combine the tea and milk mixture together, and enjoy! For an iced latte, simply cool the mixture in the fridge and pour over ice.


Numi organic Aged Earl Grey tea made into a london fog latte

Aromatherapy in Your Cup

Our Aged Earl Grey™️ is an energizing sensory experience. The floral, citrusy scent of bergamot has traditionally been used in aromatherapy as a mood elevator and stress reliever. The bergamot essence, blended with the naturally high caffeine content of our fuller leaf quality tea makes our Aged Earl Grey™️ a favorite morning staple and excellent coffee alternative.

Join Our Movement

The choice you make in Numi has an effect far beyond the warmth of a cup of tea. It activates a chain of positivity that radiates far and wide. By drinking Numi, you help us fight global warming, reduce plastic waste, and empower tea farming communities around the world. Together, we can create lasting positive impact for the planet and each other.

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tea farmers on fair trade assam tea farm

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