How to Make a Tea Latte

How to Make a Tea Latte

Move over, coffee. Here at Numi, we love a good tea latte. The creamy, dreamy goodness of milk with tea and other flavors can make for a soothing, healthful drink when it’s cold out.

No barista needed here: they’re easy and delicious to make at home, and can be caffeinated or caffeine-free depending on what type of tea you use.

Here’s a recipe for making a flavorful tea latte, deconstructed:

Step 1: a strong brew

The base of any tea latte is a strong brew of tea that can stand up to milk without tasting watery. Choose a strong flavored tea, and brew it with less water (usually 1/2 a cup) to brew double strength, or with two tea bags if you like a really strong latte. Remove the tea bag when you’re done.

You can also make a Turmeric Golden Latte or Matcha Latte with powder mix instead instead of bagged tea and continue following the directions below with only milk instead of water.

Step 2: a frothy milk

Choose a milk that suits you best – a dairy milk, your favorite nut milk, or a creamy coconut milk adds a flavorful touch. Heat 1/2 cup milk of your choice over the stove. You can create a luscious foam to top your latte one of two ways: use a handheld milk frother, or toss your entire latte in the blender and aerate it for a few pulses.

Step 3: choose your add-ins!

Add some extra flavor to your tea latte. For those looking for a luxurious drink, add a few drops of an extract like peppermint or vanilla, or even cocoa powder. Sweeten naturally with honey, agave, or maple syrup.

For the health nut, consider supercharging your tea latte with collagen peptides, MCT Oil, an adaptogen powder like ashwagandha or maca, functional mushrooms, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Blend the mixture to incorporate evenly.

Some of our favorite flavor combinations include:

Feeling inspired? Try making your own!

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