DIY White Rose Tea Infused Soap

DIY White Rose Tea Infused Soap

Soap is amongst the most useful gifts you can give yourself and others, yet most of us just buy it when we need to scrub ourselves down. Learning how to make soap in bulk is a great to have for a crafty gift and also aides in the shift towards wasting less in your house. We’ve come up with a surprisingly quick and easy DIY you can do with minimal material which adds a little extra love by infusing a Numi Organic Tea of your choice into the mix.


*for 6 bars of soap

Melt & Pour Base

Silicone Soap Mould

3 Numi Teabags of your choice (we suggest White Rose, hibiscus-based Embrace, or floral Jasmine Green for starters)

Lavender Essential Oil

Dried Edible Flowers

A Pot (that you don’t mind getting soapy)

tea soap


  1. Set out your silicone soap moulds on a cutting board or pan so you’re able to move it into the fridge once it is filled with soapy goodness.
  2. Sprinkle some edible flowers into the bottom of the silicone soap moulds.
  3. Melt the Melt & Pour Soap Base in the pot on a low heat, stirring continuously until it is completely melted.
  4. Once it is melted, cut open the top of the tea bags and pour them into the mix.
  5. Add a few drops of essential oil (we suggest lavender here, but use whatever you prefer. Eucalyptus and Grapefruit also work well) in and keep stirring, for 2-5 minutes so the tea and essential oil infuses into the mix.
  6. Pour the mix into the silicone soap moulds, filling the moulds to the top.
  7. Sprinkle some edible flowers on top.
  8. Put the moulds into the fridge to set.


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