Alchemy: Our gently brewed green tea has a bright and refreshing taste. No sugars or added flavors allow the pure taste of tea to shine.

Flavor Notes: Bright and refreshing green tea

Occasion: Crisp and clean taste that brightens your day

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Pure Green



Brewed green tea (filtered water, organic green tea*), ascorbic acid.

*Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA. Over 86% Fair Trade Certified™ Ingredient.

Making an Impact

Product purchases of the new organic bottled tea line help support Together for H2OPE, a Numi Foundation initiative that provides safe drinking water to its farming communities around the world.

Source Information

Our Pure Green Tea is sourced from the first Fair Trade gardens in China where workers’ wages have increased and premiums helped fund a school dormitory.

Tea Processing

Sourced from our long-standing organic green tea partners, the top leaf and bud are plucked and briefly dried, and then steamed to prevent oxidation. As it brews, the full-leaf quality tea steeps slowly and evenly, to deliver a smooth, rich flavor.

Responsible Business Practices

This bottled tea is made in one of the first organic certified facilities in the US. The facility received the Zero Waste Platinum Certification from the US Zero Waste Business Council.