Alchemy: This fruity sensation of smooth Rooibos (Red Tea) balanced with the sweet tartness of hibiscus, topped off with organic cane sugar.

Flavor Notes: Organic rooibos herbal tea with a hibiscus tang

Occasion: For a refreshing break in your day, relax and enjoy the perfect balance of sweetness & tea

Caffeine Free


Brewed tea (filtered water, organic green tea*, organic jasmine flowers), organic cane sugar*, citric acid.

*Fair Trade Certified TM by Fair Trade USA. Contains over 99% Fair Trade Certified(TM) Ingredients.

Making an Impact

Product purchases of the new organic bottled tea line help support Together for H2OPE, a Numi Foundation initiative that provides safe drinking water to its farming communities around the world.

Source Information

Our Jasmine Green Tea is sourced from the first Fair Trade gardens in China where workers’ wages have increased and premiums helped fund a school dormitory.

Tea Processing

The top leaf and bud are plucked and briefly dried, and then steamed to prevent oxidation. To obtain the delicate sweet aromas and flavors of blooming jasmine, a traditional process is undergone. Freshly picked jasmine buds are laid over dried green tea leaves overnight. As the flowers open, they release their aromatic fragrance which is naturally absorbed by the tea. The next day the flowers are sifted out, the tea stored, and the process repeated up to three times.

Responsible Business Practices

This bottled tea is made in one of the first organic certified facilities in the US. The facility received the Zero Waste Platinum Certification from the US Zero Waste Business Council.