Together for H2OPE Madagascar

Because we came Together for H2OPE, 4,000 turmeric farmers and their families have 23 new wells, plus community-led education in well repair, water sanitation, and hygiene.

During a 2015 visit to the farming partners in Madagascar who supply organic, Fair Trade Certified™ turmeric for our award-winning teas and powder mixes, we learned the community was collecting drinking water from the same contaminated river used as a repository for human and animal waste, and often suffering illness as a result. We felt compelled to help.

In partnership with Numi Foundation and thanks to generous contributions from Numi partners, employees, and tea-loving consumers like you, this farming community now has 23 wells serving 4,000 people across 13 villages.

In 2018, we remain Together for H2OPE in Madagascar, with community-led education around hygiene, sanitation, and well repair.

Together for H2OPE Madagascar

When we come Together for H2OPE, we’re creating a better future. With wells right outside their homes, each Malagasy family—and their children’s children—has access to clean water for the first time ever.