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Green Partners

Green Partners

As a manufacturer of products, it is inevitable that one is consuming and outputting energy. The question is: how responsibly? Sustainability is not an absolute, but a process. So, we look for partners who share in our values and help us through this key component of our company goals. We hope, not only to make this process fruitful for the planet, but to be a guiding light for both small and large companies alike.

Solar production facility   
We co-partner with Traditional Medicinals located in Petaluma, California to bag over half of our teas. They are our primary production facility and installed 1,450 solar panels in 2009. These panels generate more than 430,000 kilowatt hours per year.

Carbon Offset Initiative
With the interest of reducing carbon emissions wherever possible, the Numi tea'm has been tracing supply chain outputs since 2009. We carefully monitor the impact of the logistics for transporting our raw materials from all over the world, as well as our business related travel. We purchase Carbon Offset Certificates from These funds support carbon dioxide reduction projects including renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reforestation. All of these programs remove greenhouse gases and hasten our transition to a clean energy future.

B Corporation
Numi is a Founding B Corporation. Certified B Corporations are purpose-driven companies that create benefit for shareholders, employees, the community and the environment. The Certified B Corporation label helps consumers tell the difference between a "good company" and just good marketing. Numi surpassed the minimum score on B Corporation's B Ratings System, which assesses a company’s social and environmental performance, by more than 20 points (see our B Report here). At Numi, we consider the interests of our employees, suppliers, consumers, community and environment integrally in our business practices; the B Corporation Ratings system allows us to measure our impact on each of these key stakeholders and improve our performance over time.