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Numi’s Next Signature Blend: Justine’s Blend
We believe there is an art to blending organic teas and teasans, and are committed to doing so with 100% real ingredients. It’s no wonder our founders, brother and sister, are an artist and an alchemist. In the spirit of communi’tea, we recently conducted a contest and asked tea drinkers to explore their inner alchemist by submitting their own blend of teas and herbs.

Justine's Blend

We received dozens of entries from our amazing communi’tea, and included our entire tea’m in the decision process. The winning blend came to us from Justine Klein, a tea enthusiast from Pennsylvania who is currently working on a Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology in Iowa.
Justine has been an avid tea drinker as long as she can remember. “I love everything about it – the various flavors, health benefits, and the way a single sip warms your soul.” When she went to create her blend of tea for our contest, she knew just what to combine: smooth white tea, zesty ginger, tart hibiscus, orange peel and licorice. The delicate blend won our hearts and our palates, and we immediately wanted more. Justine enjoys drinking tea both hot and iced, and sought to create a blend that would be both warm and soothing when enjoyed hot or crisp and refreshing when iced.
Justine is excited to share her love of tea with you, and we can’t wait for you to try her blend. Welcome to the Numi family, Justine.